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VFX Artist Unreal Engine

3D Artist Commercial

3D Generalist AR App

3D Environment Game Art

Reel FX

VFX Artist on Super Giant Robot Brothers - Reel FX

Utilized Unreal Engine's virtual production pipeline alongside the Shotgun/Shotgrid plug-in to implement Blueprint VFX for an upcoming Netflix animation TV show

3D Artist on Miller Lite Beer Commercial - Golden LA

Golden LA

My role focused on collecting and building custom models and tools for various scenes to a MillerLite/Decentraland Super Bowl commercial.

3D Generalist - Octi

My work at Octi has ranged across a number of facets from remeshing and texture polishing photogrammetry models, to rigging and animating characters/avatars, to building flushed out custom 360 environments to be used in an AR setting.


Examples of the 360 Scenes

Neon White

3D Artist on Neon White - Annapurna Interactive

Produced 3D assets and textures for released Nintendo Switch title: Neon White

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